The Importance of the Elimination Diet

I used to think that an elimination diet would just be too hard and unnatural. Granted, if I was still in high school, or even college, I would find it much more difficult than I do now. However, I still think it is possible in both cases.

For me, the elimination diet started on a pure meat diet. This seems excessive, and it probably is, but a pure meat diet is pretty hypo-allergenic and helped clear most of my lingering acne. At the top my biggest problem areas were on my temples.

Gradually, I added more foods in. I found that blueberries were not a stressor for me, but strawberries may have been. Additionally, I found that coffee was okay for me, but weirdly tea would give me some strange breakouts.

Also very weirdly, I found that dairy was not a huge stressor for me as I previously assumed. Cheese and butter were definitely okay, and it seems like whole milk is too. Besides the milk, I am for a high protein, high fat, low sugar diet. I have eliminated all processed grains (breads, pizzas, muffins) and there has been a huge improvement in my skin.

Soon, I am going to start reintroducing some healthy vegetables like zucchini and carrots and see how my skin responds.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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