Helping Accutane fatigue, brain fog

If you have taken Accutane before, you may have suffered from some side effects like brain fog or fatigue.

I won't go in depth about accutane here, but I will say that I have found symptoms can be relieved through the use of B vitamin supplementation.

This study shows that post accutane, vitamin b12, folic acid, and holotranscobalamin levels were all significantly lowered. Transcobalamin basically helps transfer vitamin B12 into cells. It seems like transcobalamin increases with B12 supplementation.

Vitamin B12 in particular is necessary for energy and has been shown to possibly improve cognition.

I personally take this supplement. Be wary of the high concentration of vitamins and consult your doctor first, but I have found that it has allowed me to increase my energy post accutane:

This product has plenty of positive reviews on amazon as well that you can check out as well to see if it is a supplement you would like to try.

Let me know if there are any other supplements that you feel would be helpful in recovering post accutane below!

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