Fodmaps and Acne?

It's no secret that the key to reducing inflammation and therefore acne is through two key dietary changes:

A reduction or elimination of dairy, and a reduction or elimination of carbs/sugar.

However there's another component for people who still suffer from acne despite these changes.

A low fodmaps diet could help to further reduce your acne if nothing else has worked.

Fodmaps stand for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols. These are basically just different structured sugars that are difficult for some people to breakdown and digest. As a result these sugars sit in the digestive tract and can be fed on my bacteria in the microbiome.

These sugars are not necessarily bad, and are definitely not terrible for everyone. However I think it is important to think about different types of sugar and the biochemical pathways for each. For example, fructans and fructose are noted to be bad for blood sugar, insulin and digestion.

If you want to try the low fodmaps diet for a few days, take a look at this website for what foods to avoid and which ones are safe:

Let me know about your thoughts in the comments.

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